RAgging inside campus

After a long holidays and hectic internships all of us were coming back to college on that day.We were sharing our experiences of summer among us. During train journey we talked each other soo much that nothing was left unsaid so at the station we finally took autos and started towards our college(hey [:P] we are good we could have gone to some bar also.[:P]).The way was filled with rain water,beggers and chaotic traffic([:P] which is very common ).Any way we managed to reach our college after giving twice the time which should be required.First we faced MAHAMANA JI before the gate.Which we do all the time we come to the main gate.Up till now every thing was normal.Even you would not have found any thing on the basis of which you can continue reading the this blog further.As we entered inside the main gate of our college.We could easily observe the security very tight and proctor ka vehicle.The sudden changed environment!!! Before my mind could under stand anything our AUto reached near MMV (MAHILA MAHA VIDYALAYA) we people started observing every body there very keenly and also started staring at them.At that time our concentration level was such that even GOD could not have disturbed us. But suddenly..what !!!!

A large hoarding placed near IMS attracted my attention.Leaving all the beauties present my mind shifted to that hoarding.As I have already told you that I was coming from home after long holidays,My mind was pure and dirt free.The sentence written on that hoarding was "RAGGING FREE CAMPUS"(Believe me my mind was not preoccupied with the word ragging[:P])

This reminded the feeling of my first year ragging experience.And also gave the signal of first year junior coming to the college.

This ragging concept was there in to my mind till the ATM came.Where we saw some nice**** and forgot everything coompletely.

Finally we came to our hostel.On the very next day we went to our department I saw there so many posters related to ragging were there......

They once again reminded me of taking the ragging.

One thing I want to ask the authorities concerned that why do they keeps on reminding this scenario time and again.. at each and every corners..??


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