My pEn drIVe trouble

I had a firm faith in the company Transcend.Because I was using the pendrive of the same company.Above all it was functioning very well.I saved all my important and non important data in that pen drive.One of the most important thing which was there in that pen drive was some of the very rare pics of mine and ***** which I took during very happy and personal moments of my life.I would hide my pendrive from each and every body in the branch because had they come to know about that they would have done something which should not be there with me.
Every thing was going very well but!!!!!all of a sudden that day came.
Let me explore something about that horrible day.
on that day My group was supposed to do the assignment for computer lab.
I got mail and also talked to DIVYA on phone.(The call was made by my hostel guy).She had already made the programe.That seemed to be very simple at first glance (BUt when we started working on that please don't say me to describe that as I may get in mental trouble once again)

I along with Prathmesh decided to make my own program.We worked a lot till 2:30 in the night.(had we expected this much of time atleast I would have never gone for making the program by my own ).Anyway some how we managed to finish almost more than 99% of the program.I went to sleep and Prathemesh went to have a SUTTA.

One thing which I did even worst than taking the risk of making the program by my own was that after making the program I did not un-plug my pen drive from Prathemesh's computer.

Ok things went fine in that night.I mean I had a perfect sleep with sweet dreams and fantastic imagination.And thank God I got up 15 minute before the class(which is more than sufficient for us to get ready for class).

I directly went to PRthemesh's room to get the idea about program with my blinking eyes.

I got my pen drive back from his computer after doing SAFELY REMOVE HARDWARE.

I went to class and physically attended all the classes.(I am escaping the description of the class as this might cause some serioue trouble to some essential part as good as mind of my body)Finally the time of the Lab started coming close.After the end of the forth class DIvya came to me with a nice suggestion to bring the program in the pendrive in word or some other format.

The most sensational part of the story started now.I came back to my hostel put PEN DRIVE in to comp.OH SHIT!!!!!! What I could see was the blank pen drive.NO data inside that..............At that time I became though less.I was not able to think what to do and what not.Because there was no way by which I could get those pics.

I discussed it with PRathmesh and tried to make him responsible for all that.(It's human nature to make other people responsible rather than taking responsibility).

BUt intelligent and cool guy Prathemesh managed to deal with me in a decent manner.He suugested me of some virus inside the pendrive..and we discussed on that also........................


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