PEn dRIVe trouble parT #2

After frequent discussion with PRathemesh.I was convinced that he would not be able to retrieve the data anyway.I remembered something and took the responsibility of data.(Although one part of my mind was still compelling me to transfer the load of responsibility to PRathemesh and get out of frustration.But this would have made problem more and more complex although this path was having less hurdles).NOW I started estimating the magnitude of the problem created by this data lost.At first what I could remember was that pic only.Till that time only my subconcious mind was working and I was being carried away by emotions and intuitions.As we know very well that in this situation people can't do any work that require mind,logic or analytical approach.Now luckily my concious mind awaken.My center of concern shifted from that pic to academics.
I realised that one of the most important part of my ongoing project was also there in that pendrive.Which is very essential for me.
Now I took the problem very seriously putting stop to all other things.Inside my mind,there were only two things..
#1 How to get the data again??
#2 What if I don't get the data of my project again will it affect my relation witth prof?? and how will it affect my future plan??
As I have told you that now I had alredy got a little bit of seriousness.In my mind was so called good things(I mean entirely related to academics....nothing else).I started working on the problem no. #1
I applied high stress on my mind which I seldom use....And tried at my own level..As this was a million dollor question for me.To be more efficient I started reminding my mind again and again the importance of my project data.
Finally!!!! what happened was great.A panacea struck in to my mind.Till that time it became evident to me from my previous experience and my analysis power that ISHAN could do something for me.As he is one of those guys who get real their acedemics(GRades not more than his knowledge most of the time less than).I know that he's having deep understanding and sound knowledge of not only department course but other computer related stuffs also.I contacted HIM. First he called me GMAT (which now I dont mind because now I've become accustomed to this word).OK....He accepted my request happily.And perhaps he started working on the same in to his mind immediately(Although I don't have any proof to suppoprt my this claim..But this is my general perception of great people...that they are most of the time involved in their work).
After that I also started doing arbit things on the net which is my biggest time pass.And became so busy that I even completely forgot the what about of the pendrive..
It's 10:30 when I got a call from MADAN in whose room ISHAN had already started work for my pen drive.I also started helping him by giving some suggestions.(MY contribution was least I think it's negative because his mind was preoccupied with programs and on....).
Finally after 2 hours of exercise we agreed to contact DC hub owners to get RAPID SHARE account for downloading software....
This was fantastic idea.. at the mean time I even made action plan for that.
Suddenly thought rich,clear headed person Ishan got some idea from inwards.Let me make one thing clear that Ishan's level is such that no one can help him as no one is having knowledge as deep as he's.No body can guess and predict the action of great people.What can be predicted about them is the result only.Which is always eye opening and can surprise other people.This concept is applicable in case of ISHAN also.He opened Esnips website..and downloaded data doctor software...ALthough it violates copy right law but we never bother.
At the mean time I became busy in talking about my research paper,impact factor of journal and all that stuffs.
All of a sudden Ishan told me that the data was succesfully recovered.
My eyes started glowing.The cloud of scarcity disappeared suddenly.And I was in the seventh heaven.One thing I would like to remind you now that As I was working with my concious mind now.In my mind there was the thought of my project only not that pic.
Any way I celebrated our this success in my own way...then I did not leave any chance and saved the data in more than #3 diiferent location including GOOGLE and my computer hard disk...
When I came to my room suddenly the thought of pic started it's motion in to my mind but this time it's not like that.NOw it became the main reason of one other good and happy night sleep........My clock showed 1:## am,I went to bed...
IN this way my pen drive problem was solved..


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