mY inbox of gMail..........

Where are you chnadra?
I have added you on my travel network..
Mr X has added you on *****.com
Mr Y has sent you a friend request..
Above are some of the messages I am getting most frequently now a days.I think the problem is same with most of us.I was already suffering with these type of messages that I started getting the prize winning message.Sinse the amount which they propose is not a very tiny amount but a very high.Which can make even purest soul,who does not know about all these fraud, to consider this proposal.It seems to be very real for the first timer.we can see some of these messages like
Chandra you have won 10 million.
Congratulation Chandra
million dollor amount is ready for you.
But since I am accustomed to all these messages,I can not easily fall prey of all these type of netigen.But even if I don't fall prey of them still the problem is serious.
I daily open my Gmail account and get almost 10-15 message of such types in my inbox.If I include my spam then the number may be quite higher even two to three times of this.
Thank God that Gmail has an awesome spam filter mechanism.Otherwise the problem would have been something more horrible.
One of the most interesting thing which I have observed about these messages is that when we open these, a message of the same kind is sent to all the people in my contact just by clicking on some OK button.I am in touch with some of the good scientist in INDIA(yeah it's true!!!!) who don't have time even for their family.And when I find these messages being sent to them by me unwillingly,this increase the magnitude of the problem.I don't know(Because I am not a computer ENGINEER!!!! reason is simple!!!!!!!) whether we will be able to make mechanism to filter these uninvited guest type messages.Let's see what happens next.But believe me I am eagerly waiting for such type of things.When it comes,I will be the happiest soul on the earth.


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