Printer@ EMU

This has been happening with me for a long time(You can say only a few days after I entered in to EMU...).
As during initial days my work was a little bit analytical.As most of the part was already carried out by ACrivos. My work was to give shape to HIs idea.At that time What I required was just some A4 size sheets and pencil(obviously Rubber and Sharpner also..!! ).I never required printer to print the documents.Later as the complexity level of my problem increased I was not able to decide what to do and what not. In this case the main important thing which could help me was printer(of course my guide also!!!!).We used to take data and analyze it as out of so many solutions we had to pickup the correct one.When my work of printer started from the very first day that HP printer inside room no 105 EMU started doing work by it's own will.The thing which is of significant importance is that it was not following any of my instruction.This made me off for some time.
And I kept on giving print after print command to that printer.I don't exactly remember the exact number how many times I gave the print command on the first time.But believe me it's greater than three.Now one most interesting thing to be noticed here is that it did not work immediately it took complete night for the printer to process the data(haan haan complete one night I think it's very much surprised to have such data or It might have started reading that data.Till now I don't know what did it do with the data complete night).When the print out did not come even till the night,I lost hope. Finally I went to my Hebbal Apartment.Having taken dinner I slept.But the printer was working overnight.(HOw hard working the printer is !!!!!).When I came in the morning next day.Every thing was normal.Printer did not give the print out even on that day also.After around three or four days when I came to JNC, I saw before going for Lunch that the printer was extremely happy and was giving the print outs of those copies which I had forgot till that time.What could I see was a large number of pages coming out happily from the printer.Then I asked the concept of deleting the task from printer.But nO body could tell me(of course whom I asked!!).What I came to know from that day was that When our printer is happy It would not stop with out complete task(thats really great).But nowadays it started doing things correctly,aNd quickly also.In this way,I started relying in the printer.But!!!!!! yesterday It started giving HP print outs and nothing else...It's after a long time that this type of unexpected thing happened with me.I's told by Senior Aditya that It's not working..
Today also KOpal gave print command for my Document from her comp....
sHe's given the print command at least three times.And our printer is thinking(what to do and what not ??).I am still waiting although I have mailed that data to my gUide.
Lets see when will it come??
It would not??
I believe the print out will definitely come one day...........
Hey dear pRinTer waiting for your response!!!


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