Here at JNC with in a short span of time,I have enjoyed a lot.Here living is pleasing a experience.Here we don't have any concept of classes which is their in our college.Although I am missing that gossiping in the class and BUNK/PROXY here.Still the concept of one to one interaction with faculty member is awesome here.
One of the main thing which I have observed here is that your number of friends(not only male!!! surprised) increases exponentially without any catalyst.While in my college(of course in my department !!) even after 2 year there are so many people whom I've not talked till now.We can't find any difference between faculty member and students here.Both start thinking from the same initial level(which is possible in research only).Both do mistakes and never blame each other because everything is clear to everybody.
I don't know why here everybody write program in FORTRAN and MATLAB only why not any other language C/C++,VB or??? Here a book named "NUMERICAL RECIPES IN FORTRAN" is found in abundance whichever lab you go,you will get it there.And in every lab you will find the people writing fortran/Matlab only.We have snakes and some other species also in the campus.It's not exactly zoo but there are so many species like MIRU,Veer...and so on.I'll really miss this concept of snakes in my campus.Because I want these to be in my campus and disturb us in the lab.I'll also miss some other species from here.I don't want to mention them all......
We get time to talk at LUNCH..most of the time I am free but others are not...
Now one of the main thing which people can observe here is the sudden variation in the surrounding.Somewhere it's very new nice ultramodern campus and at the very next step it's like a village those BAMBOO tree,ant hill and other dirty pond....
What a variation is it !!!!
One of the main interesting thing which can make sensation among my classmates there @ IT BHU is the hostel here.In which both male and female stay together(!!!! of course in the different rooms).Which we really miss in our college and it's always been a hot topic among us in our college.The liberty which we get here as we can come to our lab late nite and work,I have not got it till now.But this is not good from student(us) point of view.You can't give any excuse.[:P]
I am thankful to CNR RAO for initiating this POBE and POCE. Not because it's taking the research in INDIA to the next level,but for some other reasons.
I know the fact with proof that you are bilkul free,jobless and with out mind(As you are reading my blog!!!!!!!!)
Still I am expecting your understanding for my above claim.
Unlike to our academy bus JNC bus is always on right time(!!! there is no need to surprise because great people and faculty members are also there in that bus while it's not in ours)
With in this small campus of JNC(smaller than my college BHU i am not talking about other colleges) you can enjoy every sphere of life.Including two water fall.Although I don't have any proof to prove my this claim.(honestly telling I don't even need it)If you are not studious and have reached up to this line from the starting then for you only I am gonna stop my writing.
Kyun ki tum bhi sonch rahe hoge ye kya lambi chaudi faink raha hai...
ab bahut hua...............


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