NOn Biodegradable THingS

Our bus is hardly on time.When it’s, at least one of us is not. Any way what I want to say is that we never start at 7:30pm(Whatever may be the reason).One of the most unfortunate part of this game is that I am never late because of her only. As at 7:20 pm she starts pinching me to come to JNC gate. And daily we wait for our bus to come. As there is nothing at JNC gate. What can I see is that board on which some keys of different Labs are hanging, a room for security people. And some times a MARUTI OMNI.That’s all. .

It’s was just a normal day like other.We were waiting there @ JNC gate for our bus to come. Finally Sonali came and fortunately our bus also came. But as I’ve already mentioned that whenever bus comes on time,usually one of us is not there and we have to wait there for him. This pattern was repeated even on that day. I am very thankful to this pattern because of this pattern only, I could learn a great lesson that day.

We all put our bags and Laptops inside the bus and I,Miru and Sonali came out with an idea of going to the nearest shop to have some snacks…(although this is a one sided game because Sonali always ask HIDE AND SEEK biscuit which is never available and I like LAYS or KURKURE which is always available. In this way I always come back happily while she….)We went to the shop. Like always I took KURKURE and she asked for HIDE AND SEEK and was not available. I was happy because I got my favourite. I cut the pack of Kurkure from a side and threw the smaller part of the pack(obviously smaller !!)on the road. She started collecting all the parts being thrown by me. I was surprised!!!! What she was doing?? Now she started saying that this is a non biodegradable product. We people just throw it on the road just like that. An animal can consume it and easily die……………………………

Although I got her point (because I already had a course on Environmental Science & I had some what idea about this NON BIO…word).But like always. I just listened it from one ear and passed from the other. In the mean time our bus came up to that shop and we all(Me,Sonali,MIru) got in to the bus.

Now inside the bus were J.DEEpak, Shyam,Tripathi ji and of course three of us. We all were enjoying our snacks (and other’s also).And finally the time came when all my Kurkure got over. I just threw the pack out of window. She now said to me “Yaar bechari Gai kha ke mar jayegi…. Aur tumne aise hi phenk diya please don’t do like this please….”. Finally she requested me not to repeat this kind of thing again. Next time you please take it to your home and put it in to your dustbin. Even I don’t mind being a garbage collector. So if you want you can give it to me also(I’d be happy!!!!).

This finally got a permanent place in to my mind and I realized the situation.

And on the next to next day of that day, we once again went to the same shop. I got my favorite but Sonalli did not. But this time we did not do that kind of work which we had done earlier.

No doubt we are being taught a lot (I am talking about official record although practically we don’t study……………) but we are not able to implement these simple things in our life. In fact most of the time, we don’t mind these type of simple things………………………..

In this way I learned the lesson of NON BIODEGRADABLE…………….


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