This is basically a new venture founded by a group of highly frustrated people.One thing common among the members is that they all are from good institutes in INDIA.
Mr Prakhar,IISER PUNE looks after legal affairs.
Mr Kunal is the strategic consultant of the group.
Mr Ankit IT BHU is cuurently holding the chair of Chief Operating Officer.He is also the main sponcer of calls for making RADIO MIRCHI BAKRA.


1.Roaming around the area HEBBAL in the night(from 9pm to 12 pm).
2.Not all but few members can also be found near LUMBINI garden or near that Railway track.
2.Our most of the work is being carried out in the night only.
3.Stealing mob no. of **** from any body and talk to **** for long time without even carinig for the Balance
4.Our Legal advisor Prakhar deals with our Public relations and HR also.He has full capacity to take people under his influence and he's most of the time succeded in giving people assignment for home also.
5.Our work include making BAKRA RADIO MIRCHI and some other activities which can not be disclosed in the public place.
6.We can also consume a large no of cigerattes and other things***.If you want to offer feel free to write us.We will provide you the facility of online transfer and every other facility.


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