A peep in to natural beauty of varanasi

I have been living here at Varanasi for last two years..And in fact have been blaming this city for having chaotic traffic narrow roads..organised crime...and bla bla..
Any way Varanasi is a world famous city not because of it's traffic or it's narrow roads..It's famous for it's holy river Ganga(which is no longer holy..)..
Any way it's a very cool weekend....and after a tough test and becoming completely exhausted after good performance....I was having almost no work..So decided to go the Ghats and have some looks there ..As I had heard so much about the moon light at Ghats..I already had a lesson on CHANDNI RAAT MAIN NAUKA VIHAR...in my book.during my earlier age..
above all I was suggested to grab dis opportunity atleast once during stay in VARANASI...
I along with some of my friend decided to enjoy the natural beauty of the ghatS,...We directly went to ASSI GHAT which is not far away from BHU....As it's rainy season so Ganga was flowing high...And there was no connectivity among various GHATS..So We had to spent all time at single GHAT only....We took our places on the stairs lying aside of the GHAT..Now started the talk session..We talked about all worldly affairs but nothing related to GANGA..something related to the foreigners present over there....and so on...
Then came the turn of photo session We had a wonderful photo session..We tried to guess about the width of the river..
After that what we did was an act of utter surprise for me we went to a nice restaurent and had..dinner over there..Came back to the hostel with three on the bike....Flouting the law and order inside the campus..
Such was a happy day..


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