After a lot of mental exercise,planning and real desire to work for the needy people,I came up with lot many unfeasible ideas which could not be converted in to reality. But the aim has been hammering my mind always. Now recently after reading book WIKINOMICS and realising the real success of Wikipedia, I firmed my mind to do the real ground work for the real people using mass collaboration.
During our protest for conversion of IT BHU to IIT, we launched the concept of unique protest.
To my utter surprise, what I saw was really mind boggling. We got around 90 calls just from Varansi and near by areas that too with in a day. This proves that people are highly confused and desperately looking for the guidance which they are not able to get properly.
So I came up with an idea of doing the real work for the people.
Much concrete plan is in the pipeline will appear very soon.
But a a part of this initiative, we have launched the blogspot site so that we can do the help to the needy people.


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