How helping people are

Yesterday, I was pleased to know the behaviour of that people, who helped us voluntarily in my effort while I did not even ask him. Above all his help worked out. Although this was not the first time I got this type of help from the people.
In my entire life, I have gone to a lot many places, just by asking people. When I ask people about my destination, generally two things happen...
#1 The person on the opposite side does not know the answer and honestly refuse by saying "Sorry I don't know this"
#2 The person on the opposite knows it very well and says the things very clearly like "sir you go straight..take a right ....then left ...and ask somebody present over there for further guidance...and so..."
Above all, sometimes , I am able to attract the nearby people who any way get an idea about my question.
But the most interesting thing that happens is actually the fact that in all most every case, I get answer suitable to my problem. This is the real virtue of people ..That is people are ready to give suggestions and all the suggestions are correct..(amazing ?? is it not??)


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