Scientists across the globe are involved in discovering the undiscovered phenomenon..
They are involved in their work day and night and get their energy from their work..
But for ordinary people, who are not able to understand them, question like this ??

Kaho mann tum ab apni vyatha?
Nirantar Bechaini ki oor ..
Na jaane kya paane ki ummed??
Na jaane kya reh gaya apoorn ??
Na jaane kya paane ki ummeed ..
Liye tum badhte jaate yaar
Kintu jab paa jate kuch ek
Khul jaate ummedon ke dwar..
Inhi ummedon ka le boogh
Lage tum rehte nis din
Na jaane kya reh gaya aporna jise tum paane ko betab ??


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