I learn, I grow

I gather, I throw

I build, I break

I bear the pain

But I gather the pieces

And I rise again

I grow new wings,

Again I fly

Keener, faster, stronger...

And higher, towards the sky.

I wave my new dreams

I chase new suns

Joining new flocks,

New companions

I face new storms....

A few tough bends

And a few dead ends

My dreams are shattered

And I lose my friends

I am weak, I am lost

And I feel so low

I am all alone

I have nowhere to go

But that is life I know.....

It is all part of the game

And I bear pain.....

I gather the ashes,

And I rise again...

I make friends with my tears

I overcome my fears

I learn to enjoy

Wrist wrestling with my fate

I adopt, I struggle and I create

A brand new world

On a brand new day,

New colors, new brushes....

And I paint a new way

New dreams, new sky, new horizon

And I continue my journey

Towards the sun...

Thank you LIPSA for allowing me to post this wonderful poem on my web space.


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