You just switch on any India News channel, you can easily find them flooded by news about India Against Corruption and it's hero Arvind Kejriwal. I am not against both and at the same time, I am not in undue favour of any political party. But the question which is still hammering into my mind is that why Arvind Kejriwal is geeting this much of media attention which even our prime minister is lagging. All their protest be it Delhi March, Salman Khurshid issue and DLF areexcessively covered by our media channels. Even at the same time, lot many issues going on in a country of 1.2 b but the media content is lagging all the issues and they are full with only Arvind Kejriwal News. Why?? Infact the the whole news channel Hindi and English are showing news of Kejriwal disproportionately.


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