Today I am writing after hearing that one of my colleagues sister is going to pursue Medicine from Rajsthan.

Although I have been a very weak student of biology.

I know only very few things about Doctor.

Let me start with this adage

An Apple a day, keeps doctor away.

1. According to Physiscs Doctor and Apple must have same charge so can not coexist together.

2. Mathematically speaking, Doctors and Apple are independent vectors so one can not be represented in the forms of others. But if you put Doctors and Apple together, we can represent all the vectors of Doctor Apple Co ordinate system by using them.

3. In terms of Quantum Physics, Doctors and Apples are basically two different stages of a matter and can not exist simultaneoulsy. If a complete doctor exist, there will be absent of apple and vice verse. But partial doctor and partial apple can coexist.

4. According to the co ordinate geometry, Doctors and Apples are like two variables of a single equation whose solution can not be found out. For getting Doctor and Apple, We need to have another equation consisting of Doctors and apple which was not discovered at the time of formation of this Adage "An Apple a Day Keep Doctor Away"

5. According to Civil Engineering, Doctors and Apple are meant for taking up some different different loads. One is meant for taking up Tensile load and other is meant for taking up the compressive load or vice verse. These two types of loads can not exist simultaneously so is the adage.

6. According to Electrical engineering, Doctors and apples are basically two different properties (e.g. Conductance and Reluctance ) of the same matter which can never exist fully at the same time. But again Partial Doctor and Partial Apple can co exist.

7. Artistically speaking, Doctors and Apples are basically the two sides of a coin. You can see only one at a time either a Doctor or an apple. But the main problem with this coin theory is that, Existance of a Doctor definately means that an apple will exist.

8. According to general rules, Doctors would have taken some money(Loan) from the Apples so when they come before each other, Doctor or Apples run away. This is a perfect example of collision of two bodies with out them coming into contact.

9. According to Police rule, Doctors and Apples are like FBI agents and OSAMA Bin Laden which can not survive at the same place. But this theory states that either Complete Doctor will exist or Complete Apple (No Partial Doctor/Apple exist). Because FBI agents and OSAMA can never coexist even partially.

It is still a mystery that which theory is applicable in case of Doctor and Apples.


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