Today I am going to describe rarest of the rare events that people would have ever come across in their lives. As I am a Civil Engineer by education and my role centres around developing infrastructures in the vast and undeveloped areas of India and Outside. As a part of my job I was working for ongoing project at Chitrangi located in the state MP which is considered to be the heart of India because of it's location in the centre of the country.

All the things provided by my group were outstanding and the facilities provided were making me spell bound....Starting from shining vehicles to nice bedding's........From Mobile to the Mobile Bill....Needless to say that I was being provided by a Washing Machine also (I am bringing the discussion of Washing Machine here because it's going to be the centre of principle concern during the entire discussion in the BLOG)

Let me start with the description of the washing machine...It's kept in a room most suitable for the job(size wise) and it's located at the ground floor only to make it accessible to all the people even to those who are not able to climb stair (I personally believe that this is the main reason for the washing machine being installed on the ground floor instead of first or second floor)... Let me now talk more about the Washing Machine it's a fully automatic machine..(Here fully means fully.. you don't need to do anything).....All you need to do is just insert your cloths with a pinch of washing powder (That's are done).....This is only thing that you need to do rest will be done by the Washing Machine itself....All you get at the end is a bunch of highly clean cloths....(What a magical effect is this that people (poor performing Dhobis) have now been replaced by this great invention)......

Now I am gonna describe my crime which I did on that day which proved out to be a tipping point into my life......I inserted all my cloths along with my SHOES in to the washing Machine....I was expecting the entire things to go well..........I was living a life of peace and comfort into my room with company provided TV running into full swing...All of a sudden,that unexpected horror moment came.......A person from admin came and asked "Aapko pata hai aaapne kya kiya hai (in an stern manner like a policewala)??" I was surprised ki maine kya kar diya??? He said come to the downstairs(Again with more stern manner), I will show you....I was taken to that Washing Machine room Harshly.....You have dared to wash your shoes in to washing Machine (This statement was made in Desi and Awadhi Hindi??).....Come I will show you the ill consequences....All my shoes were thrown in to the drain and I was shown and subjected to a lot many ill words(in Hindi Language e.g. Sa** , Chu*** blah blah....)....And all my shoes were thrown in to drain (How pathetic it is to see your favourite shoes in to the drain!!!!!)

Although I knew very well that I was right but I decided to keep quite keeping in to mind the following things

1 All the people were elder to me

2 None of them were technically literate (Some were from admin they would have studied science up to 12th only (I am assuming it I might be wrong also probably they would have undergone science education up to 10th only...), Some were from HR (Same is the case here as well.. as far as science is concerned))

These are the various statements (and/or) actions made by various officials...after the situation came into play...

ASST MANAGER STORE: Ye sa** circuit hai aur isse kuch nahin aaata hai isko to hum sudhar ke rahenge (I suspect that he played the pivotal role in throwing my shoes in to the drain)

DGM CIVIL: CP ye batao ki yahan sabke ghar main washing machine hai koi aur to koi nahin dhota joote ismain to tum hi kyun dhote ho (He was trying to prove that there was some problem with me only)

Sr MANAGER HR: Ye joote dholne ki tumhari himmat kaise hui ismain??? Beta abhi bhi time hai thoda introspection karo aur sudhar jao nahiin to pil pila jaoge....

SAFETY OFFICER: Ye bahut hi ulta hai.

ADMIN OFFICER: Aaapko pata nahin hai ki hum kitni mehnat se noida se mangaate hain washing machine (Maine mann main socha ki kaun sa kha le raha hoon washing machine ko khali joote hi to dhoye hain bus na...But I did not dare to burst it out as they could have beaten me harshly I judged their anger eloquently well)

I have been repeatedly telling them that it's being demonstrated by various vendors that this can be done.....But they were being driven by some other paradigm

This is the reply I was getting continuously by some top officials.

GET: Agar tumhari personal Machine ho tab to accha hai but with the public thing you can't do like this..

The most interesting thing lies ahead that the entire issue was communicated to PD(Project director) and it became talk of the day for the entire week. This is how people can make your life pathetic if you are not strong enough to face the blunt of the people with older paradigms and different believes (It is quite interesting that people talked about this issue the whole day while it's no way related to the Plant Erection Project).

This situation is still hammering into my mind and I am still making the sense how people make their own perception based on their limited resources and try to implement it in the entire world.


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