It's time to

After completing a voyage of four years at IT BHU, finally, it's time to say adieu to all our near and dear ones. We all came from across the length and breadth of the country, were accomodated inside a very small lobby that clearly gave us an idea of the entire nation.
Becasue prior to IT BHU, My life was confined to only a very few small cities (Allahabad, Lucknow, Sultanpur, Pratapgarh and some others) which converted in to a global one here.
A lot of habits were transferred from one part of the country to another. And finally we are all ready with a hope of converting all our A's(excellent) and S's(Outstanding) of academics in to our real life's A's and S's. Of course with our sweet hearts and sweet dreams as well.
It's also time to clear all the balances whether it is from emotional bank account or from the real one.
It' again a time to say sorry to all our near and dear ones for making them hurt willingly or unwillingly.
It's time to bind up all our collected love and emotions spread across the entire campus.
It's again time to leave legacy for the coming generation.
It's also time to be prepare for the shift to a different pedestal.
It's again time to start preparing ourselves to the coming new challenges waiting for us ahead.
It's time to share lunch tables with our near and dear one with a very warm good bye in to our minds.
As the reverse countdown has started, people have now become more and more tolerant. They have started overlooking even the biggest mistakes(perhaps the blunders one) being made by their colleagues. The most interesting part is that now even drinking heavily, people are still able to maintain their coolness and calm nature inside the hostel premises(what a magical effect it is!!).


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