Blunt of recession

Although a lot many people responsible for the society and nation are repeatedly giving statements one after another to boost up the confidence among the people.Some of these statements sound like...India is shielded with respect to the recession, We are not that much affected by the recession, India is stable, We are still an economy growing with a greater pace. Some other electronic/print media is continuously spreading messages like "Recession blue is now over..158 got placed at CTS " In fact some of the colleges directors are trying to convince students by giving statements like "We are not that much affected by the recession". These are just various ways to lessen the pain in the ass.
The real story form a top notch college is telling altogether a different thing. Let me describe some of the real steps taken by the engineering students inside one of the premier institute of the country. This clearly says something else
  • Vipul has replaced his Times of India news paper from the Employment News...Has also registered with a lot of placement websites including and Timesjobs.Com and has become a continuous visitor of
  • A lot of people have started coming out with some of the noble ideas of playing different games with the playing cards and others to forget about the job issues.
  • Vineet is giving consolation to himself by saying that I am not becoming sad because even you(his topper) being better than me have not landed with even a single job.
  • Vishnu has started preparing for Civil services and has already procured Geography book. As a part of spiritual well being, he has already distributed a large number of Hanumaan Chalisha copies among the Hostel people.
  • Verman has brought Shakuntala Devi puzzle book with a very good intention of cracking some of the non core job.
  • A large number of people have started introspection and started saying "ki Khas padh liya hota pehle".
  • A large number of people have also started studying.
  • A white board has been set up (marker has also been brought) and regular classes are being organized to infuse a knowledge inside the students with a religious intention "If it might help".
  • Some people have stopped abusing their toppers even after drinking heavily just to show sympathy with him/her. While toppers are supposed to be a very easy and soft target for these drunken people as they (toppers) believe in increasing their strength instead of retaliating to the drunken people.
  • People are busy in organizing trips to various temples located inside and outside the city.Some have even gone to countries that don't require Visa from India.
  • Some people are under medication and are closely monitored by well trained practitioners.
  • A lot many people have postponed their idea of proposing their college sweet dreams even after coming to forth year.
  • People are involved in the introspection each and every time they are being rejected by a company.
But every company comes and goes putting an unsolved and new type of puzzle in the mind of the people in terms of number of intake, criteria for selecting the people...A group of the branch is still involved in resolving all these questions. All thanks to recession which has brought this type of gloomy situation inside the country.


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