Good bye sem VII

Finally after a very hectic placement schedule and high demanding examination schedule,the time has come to say good bye to the semester and be prepared for the next semester to come. This is going to be the most auspicious semester for me and the whole Civil 2010 batch because all of us will start our new journey towards unknown destination and will be departed from one another. The best thing that we all will take away from IT-BHU other than hefty package job offer will be the hard working culture, the spirit of dedicated faculty members. And last but not the least will be culture of the entire nation which was just located in a very small lobby. With people from across the length and breath of the country. Spreading the message of joy and happiness along with the unity in diversity.
We gradually developed the bond of friendship and this got more and more strength as the time passed on.
These are some of the picture taken during happy and cheerful moments of the college life...

When we talk about our college life how can we leave the discussion of our crushes which could never be converted in to commitment. So this type of one sided love stories are very common at IT-BHU and most interestingly the center of principle concern during our talk. In this area, most of us will go with unfulfilled desires. This is the only thing that IT-BHU and all other premier institutes can not give to it's crackers. Anyway, the entire voyage provides a wonderful experience of ups and downs making us harder and stronger than ever before and enabling us to take of real life projects successfully.


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