A Sigh of relief

After every failure, there comes a success and sometimes the end of failure itself proves out to be a successful story. This is what happened with all of us today. Today was the day that brought a lot of happiness on the gloomy faces of all the branch people. It's not any rock music show, appearance of any celebrity or hefty package providing company's recruitment day or any thing like that. But let me explore the entire things clearly and eloquently well....
The day started unlike a normal day..Every body was not busy in those stuffs which they are often busy in. A large number of the people did night out, and a few others managed to have a sound sleep...Now at the very start of the day, most of the people were feeling pathetic about their life and Chacha was repenting on his decision of taking engineering course..and that too Civil engineering.
Now let me talk some thing about the day...It's was an auspicious day that contained the FINAL EXAM of one of the most non technical subject in the disguise of the technical one...It's nothing else but ******Engineering...
As they day began, people slightly started towards the examination hall. some people started early and some a little bit later. It's quite interesting that with in a short span of 20 minutes, the whole hostel people got shifted to the examination hall.
Although every body was tensed, but some were trying to maintain their coolness by taking the help of artificial smile and some other means of focusing on their goals and not focusing on the result. Every thing was going as per the expectation. All of a sudden, two teachers entered in the examination hall. These are the same teachers very well known for their sleep inducing lectures and explaining the subjects in the worst possible way so as to make sure even a single person is not able to understand even the tiny amount of the subject. And they also try their best to fire at least one student out of the class so as to create a sense of terror among the rest. If this is their aim, they are creating a wonderfully miraculous success stories. Till now I don't know why all these teachers are considered to be the top experts of India. Any way, Inside examination hall, some people were feeling extremely happy, because this was going to become their last encounter with such a prof. And some people (esp GMATs) were not able to figure out the message of happiness lying in the class. Because they are always chasing their goals and forgetting about the beauty that the present moment brings before them. I tried to read the faces of some of the GMATs. What I could see was their tensed faces, which remain the same even after achieving very high and wonderful results. They were all busy in revising and memorizing the entire syllabus. And sidestepping all the happiness that present moment brought before them. They could hardly realize that today contained such a wonderful message of joy and happiness.Such people are always trying to create something which is not present before them and putting their ass off for getting the things not present in the present. Any way they are most of the time paralyzed by their dreams and expectations and chasing goals one after another. I think this is a sufficient description of so called GMATs.
Any way the test started with the distribution of copies and a lot of curiosity among the GMATs and non GMATs. Every body was clearly focusing on each and every movement of the teacher distributing the paper and trying to get it as early as possible. But as there is a fixed time for each and every thing so is for the case of test paper also. Finally the test paper came in to my hand. Now started the academics game of three pathetic hours. I had to struggle for three obnoxious hours for the sake of single non technical paper. Finally after submitting the paper, I came back to the hostel. During the way to hostel, I got to meet Bhatia. I could easily see his face full with energy, enthusiasm and confidence as he managed to complete the paper successfully. Finally we came to hostel. During the way to hostel, like always, we talked about all possible negative aspects of our college and it's faculty members which is a topic of common interest among all of us in our college life.
Now inside the hostel, came the time of celebration. A large number of people gathered near the lamp post. Started sharing their experience about the whole semester of this non technical paper.
We used different different slang, blended with Desi technical and non technical abusive words and spouted our frustration in the form of creating virtual ill events and placing the teachers in that. Now the whole class was taking a sigh of relax. And we happily went to our rooms.
Finally, it's a victory day for all of us.


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