Who moved my CHeese

As I am a perpetual reader..I keep on trying new books .But please don't ask me about my course books..This time I found a wonderful book suggested by one of my friends from IISER KOLKATA..
With a great excitement, I went to MG road to procure the book. I got it at a very resonable price. I started reading it..It's no other book but the international best seller "Who moved my cheese"I have already read a number of inspiring and self help books...Although after reading any of these type of books, It's natural to feel good and gain momentum for some times, but the main thing prevalent in all these types of books is that they contains a large number of pages so it becomes very difficult to finish the entire book in a single shot...But this book solved all this type of problem..It contains very few pages. Infact it can be finished with in two to three hours at most...I did the same thing..The lesson which we learn out of this book is really great...Above all, keeping the psychology of the readers in to mind, the writer has done very good job as far as fun and humourous part is concerned...The most interesting characters in this book according to me are those two mice...and all their activities..like their way of hanging their shoes in their neck and relax...
In nutshell, I really enjoyed this book


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