Season of internship @ Hostel

At the present time the most sought after topic for discussions among we people at our hostel is the place and company where we plan to do our summer training in the coming summer..Till now, we have got number of offers more than our batch strenght...Up to here the story would not have been that interesting to there is nothing as such interesting...The main concept lies ahead in the ways we evaluate the company profile...Which we poeple often discuss..Let me describe all those things in details..

  1. The first and foremost imp thing is the availability and price of Bear at the place..As we have already lost hope on girls issues so this is the centre of principle concern for us...In this respect Gujrat is the worst place to survive because of non availability of liquor/ Desi ..Thank GOD, we don't have any offer from Gujrat..
  2. The next imp thing become availabilty of girls..Better the girls, better will be the place..Because this is the only time when we people get some time to interact with the outside world...Because of this only. .I have heard even TOP RANKERS thinking of having a semester exchange with the colleges like JP NOIDA etc ..I am writing this blog from inside my room. Outside my room is going a very heated discussion on "Quality of Crouds" Which is very much interesting.....
  3. The next imp thing is the funds and stipend etc..which we generally don't bother about..
  4. The thing with lowest priority is actually our carrer interest.Which we are always ready to sacrifice for the things above..


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