How to make enemy efficiently/ Keep the gals away??

A lot many blogs already exist on title ‘How to attract girls??’ ……How to make friend ??

But today I am gonna share some points on ‘How to detract girls??’ & ” Make enemies efficiently???”

People can derive benefit out of this as per their need by working towards or in the opposite to these concepts..

  • Never say Hi to any gal because they want you to initiate the process…
  • Always be self centered…..
  • Keep on working without any results. I mean hard work is appreciated by everybody but gals especially like performance based hard work if you are working and getting nice results, be cautious just switch yourself to a more tougher job in which even after putting your ass off you do not get results..Gals will definitely go away from you.
  • Always talk about topics of your interest..Never even care for what suits others..Just keep it going...probably nice gals will pass a smile not because they like the talk but for the enthusiasm which you show…so try this act to get rid of the gals..
  • Always be ready for the arguments..I mean for anything be prepared with your false ego and logic to win the arguments……….This is one of the most effective ways of losing gals and friends.
  • Talk only when in need will also help you in keeping the gals away from you..When not in need pretend as if you don’t know her…
  • Always try to let her down with all your logics and fundae..When you find your fake logics getting down, just start speaking loudly without using your mind. The louder you speak the higher rate of losing gals and friends you achieve……..This will help you very much..
  • Whenever she asks for any help, just try to say I don’t know it now. And ‘ll tell you later and never bother to fulfill your promise…………
  • Use excessive slangs/Abusive words..Here one thing worth noticing is that English slangs are not that effective..Local desi slangs can make wonders…
  • Try to pretend very busy that too without any business……..
  • Always involve in backbiting…
  • Find flaws of everybody and especially of those whom you want to become your enemy …….
  • Talk keeping your self-ego ahead …Just take all the things seriously and if possible can start fighting even for small things……
  • If somebody/a gal ask you anything just start saying some other things loudly sidestepping all…..….
  • Always keep smile away from your face..If you smile, this alone can attract a lot of people to you….
  • Make fun of others and specially,whom you want to become your enemy, in public…
  • Oppose all work and action of her by finding some flaws and discourage her in all her effort..
  • Never listen to her until/unless she calls you multiple times..(Powerful technique)…..
  • Try to pretend to be very bad before her…..
  • Keep sense of humour miles away from you…….


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